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The largest premier business association dedicated to connecting leading small and medium businesses.

The Business Growth Association of America

The exclusive association that stands by its commitment to guarantee our members significant benefits in three key areas of business growth.

Our members experience substantial savings annually in business expenses, achieve noteworthy net profits through new sales, and unlock a whole new world of working capital opportunities, all this while we carry the heavier task load finding and providing you solutions and your business keeps focus on offering quality products and services.

At the Business Growth Association of America, we are dedicated to ensuring that our members not only thrive but also experience tangible, lasting success.

The Business Growth Association of America establishes a new benchmark for the professional collaboration between associations and business owners.

Our belief centers on the proactive role an association should play in fostering growth, and to bring this commitment to life, we have a highly proficient team of dedicated professionals on our backend, wholly devoted to advancing the growth objectives of our members' businesses.

The process is streamlined for your convenience.

As a member, you'll engage with your assigned account manager to articulate your business needs and offerings, by phone or a simple form to fill.

Subsequently, our proficient team will diligently work on your behalf, sourcing providers, negotiating discounts, and identifying potential clients aligned with your services and products.

This efficient approach ensures the fast generation of leads for new business sales and offers for discounted provisioning.

Furthermore, for businesses seeking to optimize their business credit, completely segregate personal from business credit, explore improved financing options, and secure optimal capital for expansion, we provide a straightforward blueprint approach.

This approach involves a comprehensive review, correction, and optimization of your business profile, aligning it with the criteria favored by banks and other lenders. Our aim is to facilitate access to top-tier financing options, ensuring your business has the best possible avenues for sustained growth.

Join us in the pursuit of unparalleled growth and prosperity for your business.

Welcome to The Business Growth Association of America.

Below you'll find more information on how your business too can benefit from the connections, tools, knowledge and services developed and engineered towards small and medium business growth.

Business Growth

Problem-Solution Triad



Many businesses struggle to boost their sales, facing challenges in reaching new customers and optimizing their marketing strategies.


Elevate your sales potential by tapping into a network of affiliate businesses actively seeking products and services akin to yours. Our platform facilitates seamless collaboration, connecting you with affiliates who can drive relevant leads and sales. Additionally, our expertise in inside marketing ensures optimized strategies that attract and engage individuals, expanding your customer base and enhancing your overall sales performance. Join us in transforming challenges into opportunities, unlocking a pathway to sustained growth and success for your business.



Securing optimal business capital and funding as well as separating personal from business credit is a common hurdle for many businesses and business owners, often hindered by limited access to suitable financial offers, lack of available information and gaps preventing access to premium capital options.


Overcome the challenges of obtaining business capital with our strategic partnerships that offer funding and credit explicitly designed to fuel business growth. Our proven blueprint identifies and addresses gaps that may be obstructing your access to premium capital options. By leveraging these resources, you can unlock superior financial opportunities and propel your business towards unprecedented growth and success. Join us in transforming financial challenges into strategic advantages for your business.



Businesses often face challenges in obtaining cost-effective provisioning, struggling to secure favorable discounts from leading suppliers and lacking access to high-quality services at wholesale pricing.


Overcome the obstacles of costly provisioning with our network of members eager to provide exclusive discounts tailored to your needs. Additionally, benefit from our in-house world-class services offered at wholesale pricing. By leveraging these advantages, you can optimize your procurement strategy, reduce costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of your operations. Join us in turning provisioning challenges into opportunities for cost savings and operational excellence within your business.

The Business Growth Association Membership

Members of the Business Growth Association of America save thousands of dollars on everyday business expenses.

As a member, you will have access to local and nationwide discounts from our affiliates and partners on products and services in virtually all industries.

Our team guarantees to find discounts on products and services you need or are currently paying retail price for.

In addition, our members become a part of our database which means when other affiliates are looking for products and services, we refer them to businesses within the Business Growth Association.

This provides a huge net-new sales potential for your business.

We also provide our members an exclusive business success team dedicated to effortlessly get more clients asking for your services and effortlessly get discounts specific to your particular businesses needs.

How it works:

1- Get Exclusive access to our success team for personalized assistance through a dedicated account manager.

2- Provide your account manager information about the offerings, products, services, benefits, potential discounts your business has to offer as well as products, services and provisioning your business needs.

3- Our team actively searches our extensive database and looks for affiliate businesses that need products and services like yours connecting you with new sales opportunities with high closing potential as well as finding businesses that offer products and services your business needs and are ready to provide you with competitive offers and discounts.

The Business Growth Association's Professional Business Credit Optimization Program

(Included with membership)

Your inside access to Top-Tier business capital.

  • Tired of not knowing why your business is not being offered top shelf credit?

  • Tired of getting offers for high interest loans and terrible terms?

  • Wondering how to access credit lines from nationwide chains?

  • Are your business finances or credits linked to your personal finances and credit?

  • Stuck in high-debt with lenders with terrible terms like daily or weekly payments, short windows to pay, high interest rates or important collaterals?

Rid the uncertainty of not knowing what makes your business eligible for top-tier terms and financial solutions to make your business grow and get access to:

  • The best lenders with the best terms for hard cash in the country.
  • Top-Tier financing and lines of credit in assets like; equipment, fuel, tools, electronics, supplies and many many more options.
  • Options to get businesses out of hard situations with current lenders.
  • All the tools to separate your personal finances and credit from your business.

With our Professional Business Credit Optimization Program we will guide you through an incredibly user friendly blueprint that will open a new world of financial opportunities for your business.

Our commitment to all of our members.

At The Business Growth Association of America our commitment to our esteemed members is unwavering. We prioritize your success and satisfaction, striving to provide an unparalleled experience within our community.

At The Business Growth Association, we stand by these assurances, affirming our commitment to the prosperity and satisfaction of each member within our thriving community.

The Business Growth Association of America's

profit/savings Commitment

The Business Growth Association of America commits to all their members to generate business expense savings and new profits otherwise not available for non-members.

These profits and savings will come from:

  • More sales from new clients from our marketing and networking.

  • Discounts obtained within the network, partners, affiliates and other associates for services and products.

  • Savings from optimized business credit capabilities, better terms on working capital, financing, lines of credit, asset based financing, and many more.

Apply for a membership today.

Please complete form with as much information as possible.

What to expect when becoming a member:

  • Your business will be added to our nationwide referral database with thousands of registered businesses across all industries and refer them to you when they ask for products and services your business offers.

  • You will have a discovery meeting to review pain-points that may be limiting your business growth and a second meeting with an immediate action plan.

  • Immediate access to our Professional Business Credit Optimization Blueprint where we will look into every detail of your business lenders take into account to provide you with top-tier terms and provide you with appropriate guidelines and solutions to obtain it and help you completely separate personal from business credit.

  • We will provide you with a detailed online presence review critical to see how your business is seen online and optimize results. (+$500 Retail value)

  • We will create content for your website and social media, including short promo videos, graphics, and articles. (++$1000 Retail value)

  • Your brand, products and services will be promoted and marketed in and outside the Business Growth Association according to your business reach, city, state or nationwide.

  • We will locate aggressive discounts from within thousands of our affiliates across our association for products and services your business and employees specifically need.

Questions on membership options?

Call: 1-888-777-0234

We are proud to have associates offering discounts and looking for services in these and many more industries:

Agriculture and Farming

Automotive Services

Beauty and Personal Care

Building and Construction

Childcare and Early Education

Consulting Services

Creative and Design

Dentistry and Dental Care

E-commerce and Online Retail

Education and Tutoring

Entertainment and Events

Environmental Services

Financial Services

Food and Beverage

Health and Wellness

Hospitality and Tourism

Information Technology

Insurance Services

Environmental and Green Businesses

Financial Planning and Advising

Fitness and Wellness

Home Improvement and Renovation

Human Resources and Staffing

Marketing and Public Relations

Music and Performing Arts

Online Services and Consulting

Personal Services

Real Estate Development

Software Development and IT Solutions

Telecommunications and Networking

Travel and Tourism

E-commerce and Dropshipping

Education and Training

Event Management

Food Services

Green and Sustainable Businesses

Wedding and Bridal Services

Legal and Law Services

Manufacturing and Production

Marketing and Advertising

Medical Services

Nonprofit and Social Services

Real Estate and Property Management

Retail and Wholesale Trade

Social Services and Counseling

Sports and Recreation

Technology and Software Services

Transportation and Logistics

Veterinary and Pet Services

Wedding and Event Planning

Architecture and Interior Design

Art and Photography

Building and Contracting

Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Energy and Utilities Services

With thousands of affiliate businesses nationwide and new businesses signing up every day, the Business Growth Association of America provides limitless opportunities for savings and new business.

Alabama - 5,924

Alaska - 1,364

Arizona - 8,556

Arkansas - 4,047

California - 60,617

Colorado - 10,754

Connecticut - 5,531

Delaware - 1,515

Florida - 35,226

Georgia - 14,061

Hawaii - 2,040

Idaho - 3,099

Illinois - 20,151

Indiana - 8,764

Iowa - 5,177

Kansas - 4,614

Kentucky - 5,351

Louisiana - 6,524

Maine - 2,711

Maryland - 8,556

Massachusetts - 11,235

Michigan - 13,913

Minnesota - 9,530

Mississippi - 3,522

Missouri - 9,162

Montana - 2,558

Nebraska - 3,480

Nevada - 4,043

New Hampshire - 2,370

New Jersey - 14,990

New Mexico - 2,681

New York - 36,135

North Carolina - 14,081

North Dakota - 1,573

Ohio - 14,873

Oklahoma - 5,799

Oregon - 7,557

Pennsylvania - 18,395

Rhode Island - 1,824

South Carolina - 6,502

South Dakota - 1,782

Tennessee - 7,913

Texas - 35,496

Utah - 5,123

Vermont - 1,394

Virginia - 12,069

Washington - 12,224

West Virginia - 2,132

Wisconsin - 8,802

Wyoming - 1,392

A small sample of our valued associates' experiences:

Natural Harmony Health logo

I mainly take advantage of discounts for marketing and now I pay a few hundred dollars for the same services I was paying another company thousands to with actually better results, specially with content creation I'm getting way better results now.

- Sarah Thompson - Natural Harmony Health

Precision Motors Garage Logo

I've been a part of this association for a year now, and the doors that have been opened to us for credit options have been game changing. Gone are the days of knocking lender doors trying to get a good loan deal, or having to accept an offer from a lender at a bad term due to lack of better options.

- Mark Stevens - Precision Motors Garage

Perfection Boutique logo

The biggest increment for the store have been sales, no questions asked. We have been able to offer our tailoring services to hundreds of new clients around the city and they constantly tell me they would rather go with a company within the association.

- Emily Roberts - Perfection Boutique

M&J Roofing logo

We are lucky not to use credit so we didn't see a need for a credit optimization program but we do require hundreds of different supply chains every year. Instead of having to have someone on my team try to find suppliers and see if I can get good pricing, we now rely on bga to handle that for us, saving us mid 5 figures for the past 2 years on that alone.

- David Miller - M&J Roofing and Fence

Flavor Eats logo

Most business associations I have been a part of in the past don't offer a whole lot except being able to say you are part of them. Over here they really go to work to find better vendors and offer our catering to businesses in and outside the association which has brought a bunch of deals we would have not had otherwise.

- Jessica Lee - Flavor Eats


Before working on my credit with the business growth association, all of my credit lines and loans were attached to my ssn. I didn't even know it was possible not to and thankfully my business finances are now fully independent from mine.

- Michael Johnson - ComfortAir Services


We mainly use services of referrals and promotions and we constantly get requests from other businesses within the association for packages and services.

- Amanda White - Serenity Spa


Great job helping us source providers of materials, tools and parts for our shop, leaving my team tons of time to focus on what we do best.

- Brian Martinez - TurboTech Auto

BloomScapes Design logo

My business is just a startup but I already see the services I get are world-class, mostly in what I use them for which is online stuff, and at prices way way lower than what everyone else quotes me.

- Jennifer Clark - BloomScapes Design

WiredUp Electrical logo

Getting my credit in line has been probably the best thing that has happened to WiredUp. There is just no way this business can survive without proper credit options and now I know that before joining the business growth association I had been dealing with sharks all this time, offering me terrible terms and telling me those are the only conditions I apply for. Not anymore as I now have more offers for good credit lines with sensible terms that I can choose from and a team that guides me through options and strategies too.

- Robert Anderson - WiredUp Electrical

More Reviews

The referrals and discounts I've gained as a member have significantly contributed to my business expansion.

- Laura Smith - Delights Pastry

I joined this association to boost my business, and it's exceeded my expectations. The referrals alone have been a game-changer.

- Kevin Brown - Oasis Beauty Clinic

This association's services have helped me scale my business faster than I thought possible. The referrals and networking are top-notch.

- Melissa Taylor - Bright Minds Day Care

I've been part of many associations, but this one genuinely delivers. The referrals and business credit optimization have been invaluable.

- Daniel Williams - Williams Contracting LLC

As a female entrepreneur, this association has empowered me with resources, connections, and referrals that have driven my business forward.

- Michelle Adams - Il Fiume Italian Cuisine

The referral network here is impressive. My business saw growth within months, thanks to the quality of referrals and discounts.

- Christopher Harris - WoodMasters Workshop

Being part of this association was the boost my business needed. The referrals and marketing support have led to a noticeable increase in clients.

- Emily Rodriguez - Haven Gardens

I've watched my business thrive since joining this association. The referrals, discounts, and marketing services are a true catalyst for growth.

- Thomas Walker - ColorWave Painters

For any business owner looking to grow, I highly recommend this association. The referrals and credit optimization are a game-changer.

- Stephanie Turner - Sync Solutions

This association has helped my business grow faster than I could have imagined. The referrals and networking opportunities are exceptional.

- John Moore - Grub on the Go

The referrals I received through this association are high-quality and have significantly expanded my business reach.

- Maria Martinez - Horizon View Estates

Being part of this association has given me access to a network of potential clients and valuable discounts, boosting my business growth.

- James Davis - InnovateIT Services

The referrals and business credit optimization offered by this association have been crucial to my business expansion.

- Olivia Wilson - Tasty Trolley Bites

This association's support has given me the tools to take my business to the next level. The referrals and discounts are truly beneficial.

- Samuel Green - PowerPulse Gym

I've been a member for a short time, and I'm already impressed by the referrals and networking opportunities that have helped my business grow.

- Emily Collins - DreamCrafter Weddings

This association is a must for business growth. The referrals and marketing assistance have made a significant impact on my business.

- William Carter - QualityCraft Makers

Joining this association has been one of the best decisions for my business. The referrals and discounts have led to increased profits.

- Elizabeth Johnson - Style Haven Boutique

I can't stress enough how beneficial this association is for business growth. The referrals and networking opportunities are exceptional.

- Michaela Smith - Harmony Interiors

The referrals I've received from this association have been of top quality, helping me secure new clients and expand my business.

- Benjamin Anderson - Sugar & Spice Confections

This association has helped me connect with the right clients through valuable referrals and discounts. My business is thriving.

- Jessica Turner - PrimeHaven Realty

This association has been instrumental in the growth of my business. The referrals and discounts have given me a competitive edge.

- Andrew Wilson - TechMach Fabricators

The referrals and networking opportunities provided by this association have been essential in expanding my business reach.

- Emily Harris - Gardenia Grace Florals

I'm amazed by the quality of referrals I've received through this association. It's made a significant impact on my business growth.

- Christopher Thompson - Sphere 3D Printing

Being part of this association has opened up doors for my business. The referrals and marketing services have exceeded my expectations.

- Isabella Martinez - CodeCraft Tech

The referrals and networking events organized by this association have helped me establish valuable business connections and expand my client base.

- Liam Jackson - Bit Software

This association's services have had a positive impact on my business growth. The referrals and discounts are a testament to their commitment.

- Sophia Brown - FocusFrame Photo Studio

I joined this association to drive my business forward, and the referrals and networking opportunities have made a notable difference.

- Jackson Miller - CraftEdge Carpentry

The referrals I've received through this association have been invaluable for my business growth. The discounts are an added bonus.

- Emily King - King Travel

As a business owner, I'm thrilled with the referrals and marketing support this association provides. It's truly helping my business flourish.

- Daniel Turner - Precision Works

The referrals and networking opportunities have helped me grow my business's client base significantly. This association is worth every penny.

- Olivia Davis - FitFlex Activewear

This association has been a crucial partner in my business's growth. The referrals and discounts have been a boon for my bottom line.

- Ethan Smith - NatureCraft Creations

The referrals and business credit optimization services offered by this association have given my business a competitive edge.

- Ava Johnson - Fluffy Friends Grooming

I'm impressed by the valuable referrals I've received from this association. They've played a pivotal role in my business's expansion.

- Lucas Garcia - BuildWise Contractors

Joining this association has been a strategic move for my business. The referrals and networking events have been instrumental in growth.

- Mia Williams - BrewHouse Espresso

The referrals and marketing support I've gained through this association have boosted my business visibility and led to increased sales.

- Benjamin Harris - Momentum Gear

I'm grateful for the high-quality referrals and networking opportunities this association provides. My business has grown beyond my expectations.

- Olivia Martinez - JewelFusion Creations

The referrals I've received have introduced me to clients I wouldn't have connected with otherwise. This association is a growth catalyst.

- Ethan Turner - Turner Electric

The referrals and business credit optimization have positioned my business for success. This association truly supports sustainable growth.

- Sophia Clark - Curio Corner Boutique

Being part of this association has been a game-changer for my business. The referrals and discounts have exceeded my expectations.

- Daniel White - ExploreHub Learning

This association's services have been invaluable to my business's growth. The referrals and networking opportunities are worth their weight in gold.

- Isabella Davis - RadiantGlow Beauty Salon

Still not sure whether we can enhance your sales? Find better provisioning options? Open quality capital opportunities? Possibly all three?

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As a member of the Business Growth Association, you gain exclusive access to discounts of up to 70% on an array of World-Class premium services meticulously crafted to supercharge your business's growth.

Rest assured that the services outlined on this site, aimed at promoting your business's growth, are delivered by Americas Worldwide's exceptionally talented team. Their expertise ensures that you receive top-notch solutions to fuel your business's success, all included as part of your membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Business Growth Association of America?

The Business Growth Association of America is a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering the growth and success of small and medium-sized businesses through collaboration, resources, and access to exclusive benefits.

2. What services does the Business Growth Association offer?

We offer a range of services including networking opportunities, exclusive discounts on various services, online presence enhancement, resource sharing, community support, business credit optimization, educational events, and many more.

3. How can I become a member?

Becoming a member is easy. Simply scroll up to our Membership section, choose the membership level that suits your business needs, and click on Register.

4. What are the membership options available?

We offer 2 Risk Free memberships, our no cost Business Growth Association Membership you can access by contacting us by phone and our Business Growth Association Membership with Professional Business Credit Optimization which you can access on this site or by contacting us via phone or email, each with unique benefits tailored to your business goals. You can find more information on those on this page.

5. How can the Business Growth Association help my business grow?

Through our diverse services and network, we provide you with access to resources, discounts, networking opportunities, and support that can enhance your business's growth potential.

6. How do I access the discounts and benefits offered?

Once you become a member, you'll receive access to a member portal where you can find information about discounts, events, resources, and more.

7. Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time and request a refund on your membership fee, even after enjoying our services.

8. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, our memberships come with a no questions asked, full money-back guarantee. Even if you've been with us for an extended period, we're happy to refund your membership fee on a year by year basis.

9. How can I connect with other members?

We provide a vibrant community forum where you can engage, seek advice, and share experiences with fellow members.

10. Can I upgrade my membership level later?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership level at any time by contacting our support team and paying the difference to upgrade.

11. What kind of events and workshops do you offer?

We offer educational seminars, workshops, and conferences tailored to address the specific challenges faced by small and medium businesses.

12. How can I access the resources provided by the association?

Once you're a member, you'll have access to our resource repository, which includes valuable guides, templates, and best practices to optimize your business operations.

13. How do I contact customer support?

You can reach our customer support team by emailing members@businessgrowthassociation or calling or texting 1-888-777-0234.

14. Is the Business Growth Association affiliated with any other organizations?

We are powered by Americas Worldwide, which helps us provide world class services and resources to our members.

15. How do I stay updated with the latest information and events?

As a member, you'll receive regular newsletters and updates about upcoming events and opportunities.

Have a different question? Call us anytime at 1-888-777-0234

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