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  • Access top-tier working capital.

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The Business Growth Association of America empowers small business owners to stay competitive and thrive in an increasingly challenging environment.

We provide world-class tools and support, typically reserved for larger enterprises, to help our members succeed.

Continue to read how, as a member, your business will effortlessly experience massive growth as we focus on three key areas of business development called the Business Growth Triad.

The Business Growth Association



Boost your sales potential by leveraging an affiliate network actively seeking products and services similar to yours.

Let us know about your product and service offerings, and our team will reach out for you to businesses that require them and connect you to them.


Overcome the obstacles of costly provisioning with our network of members eager to provide exclusive discounts tailored to your needs.

Let us know about your provisioning needs for products and services, our team will reach out to businesses that offer both quality and savings for members, and connect you directly to them.


Unlock superior working capital opportunities explicitly designed to fuel business growth and propel your business towards unprecedented success.

Our members that go through the super user friendly Credit Optimization Blueprint are able to take advantage of working capital options with superior terms and conditions.


Members of the Business Growth Association of America save thousands on everyday business expenses.

As a member, you will have access to local and nationwide discounts from our affiliates and partners on products and services in virtually all industries.

Our team guarantees to find discounts on products and services you need or are currently paying retail price for.

Just let your account manager know what products or services you need and we will come back with the best offers for you.


Our members become a part of our database which means when other members are looking for products and services, we refer them to businesses within the Business Growth Association.

This provides a huge net-new sales potential for your business from other businesses and their employees who much rather work with another business from within the Association!

We also provide our members an exclusive business success team dedicated to effortlessly get more clients asking for your services and effortlessly get discounts specific to your particular businesses needs.

Talk to your account manager or fill in the form on your profile with information on your products and services offered as well as discounts and we will reach out to those business in need of them.


- 1 -

Once your business becomes a member, you will get exclusive access to our success team for personalized assistance through a dedicated account manager.

- 2 -

Provide your account manager information about the offerings, products, services, benefits, potential discounts your business has to offer as well as products, services and provisioning your business needs.

- 3 -

Our team actively searches our extensive database and looks for affiliate businesses that need products and services like yours, connecting you with new sales opportunities with high closing potential as well as finding businesses that offer products and services your business needs and are ready to provide you with competitive offers and discounts.

The Business Growth Association's

Professional Business Credit Optimization Blueprint


  • Tired of not knowing why your business is not being offered top shelf credit?

  • Tired of getting offers for high interest loans and terrible terms?

  • Wondering how to access credit lines from nationwide chains?

  • Are your business finances or credit lines linked to your personal finances and SSN?

  • Stuck in high-debt with lenders with terrible terms like daily or weekly payments, short windows to pay, high interest rates or important collaterals?

Rid the uncertainty of not knowing what makes your business eligible for top-tier terms and financial solutions to make your business grow and get access to:

  • The best lenders with the best terms for hard cash in the country.

  • Top-Tier financing and lines of credit in assets like; equipment, fuel, tools, electronics, supplies and many many more options.

  • Access to loans at unbeatable terms from the association itself.

  • Options to get businesses out of hard situations with current lenders.

  • All the tools to separate your personal finances and credit from your business.

With our Professional Business Credit Optimization Program we will guide you through an incredibly user friendly blueprint that will open a new world of financial opportunities for your business.



  • Your business will be added to our nationwide referral database with thousands of registered businesses across all industries and refer them to you when they ask for products and services your business offers.

  • You will have a discovery meeting to review pain-points that are limiting your business growth and a second meeting with an immediate action plan.

  • $500 Coupon redeemable in participant affiliate businesses!

Completely free to join.


Free Membership features plus:

  • Dedicated professional account manager with the goal of using all resources and reach of the Association to maximize your success and boost your business growth.

  • Your brand, products and services will be promoted and marketed in and outside the Business Growth Association according to your business reach, city, state or nationwide.

  • Your account manager will locate and connect you with aggressive discounts and high quality provisioning from within thousands of our affiliate businesses across our association for products and services your business and employees specifically need and are potentially currently overpaying for.

  • Periodical detailed online presence reviews critical to see how your business is seen and found online by potential clients in and outside of the Association.

  • Content for your website and social media, including short promo videos, graphics, and articles that promote your alliance with the Business Growth Association.

$ 299.00 membership.

-Membership includes first 3 months of account management ($59.00/month thereafter).

-Full money back satisfaction guarantee:

Recover your membership investment through the new sales and/or discounts we find for your business in 90 days or your money back!

$ 2124.00 Lifetime membership.

-No account management fee.

-Full money back satisfaction guarantee:

Recover your lifetime membership investment through the new sales and/or discounts we find for your business in 6 months or your money back and keep your lifetime membership!

-10% Discount for businesses with less than 10 employees. (Use code GROWTH10 )

-5% Discount for businesses with less than 50 employees. (Use code GROWTH5 )


Growth Membership features plus:

  • Access to our Professional Business Credit Optimization Blueprint where we will look into every detail of your business that lenders take into account to provide you with top-tier terms and we will provide you with appropriate guidelines and solutions to obtain it and help you completely separate personal from business credit.

  • Business Credit Building:

We will guide your business in establishing, building, and optimizing its credit profile by navigating through the essential steps considered by credit bureaus. This includes a focus on your business entity structure, a key factor in determining your business credit score.

  • Vendor Credit:

We will assist your business in securing vendor credit by reviewing crucial aspects of your business profile that suppliers consider when extending credit for goods and services. This support aims to help you establish positive relationships with vendors across the United States.

  • Business Credit Monitoring:

We will provide tools and services for monitoring your business credit score from major credit bureaus. This monitoring empowers your business to stay informed about changes, enabling you to take proactive steps and with our guidance and expertise in maintaining or enhancing your creditworthiness.

  • Credit Coaching:

We will provide personalized business credit coaching to guide your business on adopting the best practices for effective credit profile management. This coaching is designed to provide you with strategies for addressing any issues that could potentially impact your credit scores and ability to obtain premium credit options negatively.

  • Funding Solutions:

We will provide tailored solutions to help your business access funding, which could encompass various types of business loans, credit lines, or financing options. Our goal is to equip your business with the financial resources it needs to thrive and grow.

  • Educational Resources:

We provide you with educational resources and training to empower your business with knowledge about credit building and financial management. This includes engaging webinars, informative articles, and other materials aimed at helping you make well-informed decisions about your business credit.

$ 499.00 membership.

-Membership includes first 3 months of account management ($99.00/month thereafter).

-Full money back satisfaction guarantee:

Recover your membership investment through the new sales and/or discounts we find for your business in 90 days or your money back!

$ 3564.00 Lifetime membership.

-No account management fee.

-Full money back satisfaction guarantee:

Recover your lifetime membership investment through the new sales and/or discounts we find for your business in 6 months or your money back and keep your lifetime membership!

-10% Discount for businesses with less than 10 employees. (Use code GROWTH10 )

-5% Discount for businesses with less than 50 employees. (Use code GROWTH5 )

Elevate your business today by selecting the membership that best suits your needs:


The Business Growth Association of America guarantees to

  • find high converting new clients for your business.
  • source your business with top deals on premium supplies and services.
  • unlock top-tier funding options for your business.

With thousands of affiliate businesses nationwide and new businesses signing up every day, your business will become part a network with limitless opportunities for savings and new business growth.

Alabama - 5,924

Alaska - 1,364

Arizona - 8,556

Arkansas - 4,047

California - 60,617

Colorado - 10,754

Connecticut - 5,531

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Florida - 35,226

Georgia - 14,061

Hawaii - 2,040

Idaho - 3,099

Illinois - 20,151

Indiana - 8,764

Iowa - 5,177

Kansas - 4,614

Kentucky - 5,351

Louisiana - 6,524

Maine - 2,711

Maryland - 8,556

Massachusetts - 11,235

Michigan - 13,913

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Montana - 2,558

Nebraska - 3,480

Nevada - 4,043

New Hampshire - 2,370

New Jersey - 14,990

New Mexico - 2,681

New York - 36,135

North Carolina - 14,081

North Dakota - 1,573

Ohio - 14,873

Oklahoma - 5,799

Oregon - 7,557

Pennsylvania - 18,395

Rhode Island - 1,824

South Carolina - 6,502

South Dakota - 1,782

Tennessee - 7,913

Texas - 35,496

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Vermont - 1,394

Virginia - 12,069

Washington - 12,224

West Virginia - 2,132

Wisconsin - 8,802

Wyoming - 1,392

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